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First Time Topless and My Adult Date

On 7/17/2006 bunny said

Well, not counting the years between birth and puberty. I guess the first time topless in public was a couple years after we got married. We were vacationing in Hawaii and had heard it wasn't illegal to go topless there, as long as no one complained. So on Maui she finally took my suggestion (gave in to my pleading) and removed her top, first on a wide public beach on the south shore (not Little Makena, which is the well-known nude beach) one morning, with a few people scattered here and there. She got a lot of looks as she walked past them, but no complaints, so she stayed that way for an hour or so, in the surf and sunning on the sand, until we left. Then we went snorkling at a beach park on the road to Hana, and she didn't even put a top on to start with. Only a couple people there when we went in, about 25 to 30 when we came out, but she just walked right out as if this were totally normal. Again, lots of people stared but no one complained, so this gave her the confidence to make "bottoms-only" her usual beach attire whenever we went on beach vacations, and to dance at "amateur night" at a strip club, again while we were on vacation. Of course, I never discouraged her, and she's just kept raising the bar - and dropping her clothes - ever since!**Read More


Adult Dating & We Love Giving BJ's

On 7/17/2005 suzziq1979 said

My girlfriends and I LOVE giving Blow jobs to guys. We have a conversion van that we use for this. Several times a month we will cruise t'ill we find a decent guy walking. Once we get him picked up, one of us will sit in the swivel seat behind the driver and gets her boobs out. Soon he is watching her boobs and she will move over behind him, spin his seat around and give him a long wet BJ.**Read More


From Online Adult Dating To Real World Sex Adventures

On 7/05/2006 beck747 said

I had an interesting experience recently along these lines.

We have married friends in our city who are just casual friends... we've had dinner with them a time or two... nothing too intimate. My hyubby and I got to know each other online in chat rooms initially, and became good friends... then we met in person and the 4 of us had dinner. They are very religious... almost fanatical... and very conservative.

At one point, my hubby mentioned online to our friends' wife an experience I had had onetime driving across the plains states naked... and how I had gotten sunburned. She thought that was a hoot, and ribbed me endlessly about it.

Circumstances became such that I needed to drive my kids to a distant city (about 6 hours away, one way), and my hubby asked this friend's wife if she wanted to go along with me to keep me awake, help out, etc... to which she was very interested in doing.

Well, next thing I know, she's teasing me about whether I'm going to drive back (sans kids) "commando" as I had done before. Knowing how religiously conservative she is, I just played along, and told her "whatever."

That's when it got pretty interesting... she started sending me IM's via text messaging when she was on her phone, just to chat, and she brought up the subject again. Then she blew me away. She said, "I wanna see you naked." And she was serious. I said, "Seriously?," and she said.. after a long pause... "maybe." She's mentioned several times since then how much she's looking forward to this...
**Read More


Her Hot Online Lover

On 3/17/2006 raquel said

My lover is visiting my husband and I this week. We went to a friend's house last night and they showed a video of a party they had at their house last New Years. I was on the video, nude, in the hot tub with another man. I was standing up and trying trying to cover myself but was too busy laughing. My lover got mad and this morning after my husband left for work made me strip nude and spanked me hard for being nude with them. Then he fucked me deep and hard from behind, spanking me while spanking me again until he came inside me. It felt so good to be fucked and spanked at the same time, and to know he cared about me so deeply about me. He has spanked me before, for sharing a hammock with this same man one summer day, and laying opposite each other, and I wore only Daisy Dukes with no panties. He saw pictures my husband showed him of that, and he said that other man must have seen my naked pussy the way my legs were being spread while we were in the hammock. I had a few drinks, and forgot I didn't have panties on, I told him, but he didn't believe me and spanked me anyway. Again he spanked me and then fucked me and kept spanking me until he filled me with love.
**Read More


Sex With Others Is Enjoyable!

On 5/11/2006 halfdrew said

Hubby enjoys watching me with other guys or girls and I enjoy doing it. I think it's just the excitment of someone new and different. Like being back in high school. I find the sex is good but not great. Hubby and I have been together for over thirty years and he is the only one who knows how to push all of the right buttons...... **Read More


Sex Life Revitalized with this Adult Dating Site!

On 4/17/2006 getemoff69 said

Just wanted to let everyoone know that AFF has been very good for me. Only met for a coffee but she got well and truly done after a great foreplay scenario. thanks to AFF my sexlife is now alive again. **Read More


Man Watches His Wife

On 3/18/2006 Dougger2 said

We were more than a little nervous when W. knocked on the door the first time. We'd already made the obligatory "first meet" in a restaurant in town, so we knew we liked him as a person, but she and I had never swung together before, and I wasn't sure that she was really ready to explore her wilder side with another man while I watched. The evening began with the usual nervous chatter, then we sat down to watch some tube...satelite TV's version of porn (the soft stuff, of course!). I decided to take the initiate and go rent some more suitable viewing material, and also let them get to be more comfortable with each other. I also picked up a sixer of MGD, taking care to get the coldest one from the cooler.
When I returned home, they were sitting much closer to each other on the sofa, so I put the movie in , offered them a beer (I don't drink, so I made myself a cup'o'joe) and settled back to see what happened. The movie was a scortcher, and she reacted in the usual fashion; she got very hot. I could see that the flick was having its effect on him as well, and both of them snuggled up together and started touching each other. First it was casual petting, but before long they were locked in a passionate embrace, with both of them touching and squeezing each other, apparently oblivious to my presence. This was just what i was after; I wanted to watch her take him, and he her, before I joined in on the fun. He obviously wasn't dissapointed when she removed her teeshirt and bra, as he dove right in and started sucking, pinching and stroking her. She wasted little time in manually exploring his manhood, through his jeans at first, but finally removing them to reveal an impressive hard-on. She dove right in and sucked him for quite a while, as he stroked her pussy and pinched her nips. She was cumming in waves, and he was obviously having a difficult time controllinghis own orgasm. This went on for a little while, before she finally came up for air and invited him to fuck her, which he readily agreed to. He positioned himself between her widespred legs, and she grasped the stalk of his cock and guided the head into her pussy. She was so hot that he was able to drive into her balls-deep in one continuous stroke, causing her to climax almost immediately. Unfortunately for me, I didn't have film available at the time, but the memory of his dick sliding in and out of her is indelibly etched in my mind. They went on like this for several minutes before he paused and asked her if it was OK if he came inside her. The question alone sent her over the edge again, and she cried out "YESSS" as she came. HE then gave her several hard, deep strokes and shot his jizz deep inside her quim. I watched in fascination as his balls contracted four five times in rapid succesion. As he softened, his cream ran out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass. This was the moment I'd been waiting for; the fresh creampie! It was totally delicious, and I retrieved several mouthfuls of their mixed juices. Unfortunately, by this time it was quite late, so we didn't get to do much of anything else that night. However, there have been a couple of repeat performances, which I did get to participate in much more. I remembered to load the camera this time, and I got some terrific shots of her in total ecstasy, and his member buried to the hilt in her steamy hole. I also got to taste his load first hand, and I was amazed at how much there was; too much to swallow, although I certainly tried my best! All in all, I have to give him a 5-star rating, and we've just gotten started... **Read More

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