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Online Sex Dating

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On 11/1/2023 drty said:

We recently had our first M/F/M threesome with a single male we met on AFF. It is hard to discribe how well everything went, except to say we think it was exceptional. He has a great personality, very caring & discreet. We are all looking forward to getting together again soon. This is after several months of searching. So just a little patient. Good things come to those who wait...

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On 7/21/2022 devil said:

Hi We -- (Jenni an John) snakeinbris and sex2701plus1 on AFF -- have been involved with AFF since 2001. It was where we first started chatting..and eventually we became a couple. just thought that all the members would like to know that we have just had a child on the 11 October 2004 in Brisbane Australia, and were it not for AFF we would have never met..AFF isnt just for casual or steamy encounters, it has also worked for us in bringing us together, as well as meeting other AFF people from around Australia and making very good friends.. So to all the pessimestic and doubters of AFF..hang in never know who you might it did for us...and we still use it to chat to friends.. Regards John and Jenni..Brisbane..Australia .

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On 1/24/2015 char said:

I had limited success with AFF when I was contacted first by a woman for only the second time. I traded e-mails and phone calls for only about three days when she invited me to her home. It was weird because she had her bedroom lined with about four hundred Barbie dolls. It seemed as though I was having sex in a stadium full of Barbies! She was determined to make me say I had met my sexual match. Although I had her screaming and kicking to high heaven while eating her pussy, she was an energizer bunny and constantly sucked me back to a throbbing erection after I came. The sex was intense and incredible. Eating, sucking and fucking over and over. This went on for a few hours until my cock started hurting so bad that I had to give in and tell her that I had met my match. It was a great time and I'll never forget it.

Spicing up thier Marriage Online - Adult Swinging!

On 7/29/2022 betty said:

Thank you AFF.My husband and I have been together for 20 years.The spice had all but left our marriage.We were averaging sex about once or twice a month.Met our first couple after only two weeks and have become friends with benifits, we are only a short distance from each other.The chat and webcam have made us hotter together than we have ever been. We are trying new things and are more open than ever before with each other.We can't keep our hands off each other and average sex two to three times daily.THANKS AFF YOU SAVED MY MARRIAGE!!!!!!!

Sex with a Stranger - Online Dating for Adults!

On 5/21/2022 bif said:

I met this guy through AFF and we had some mind blowing sex over the weekends. We spent the entire time in these resort and he was all over me. We fucked everywhere, even in the outdoor pool. That was so satisfying. When he was done, I could hardly walk. There is nothing more exciting then raw sex with stranger. Just the thought makes me wet!

Being Yourself and Expressing your Sexuality Online!

On 8/13/2022 amber said:

Blimey, where to start.... I signed onto this site originally about 18 months ago, not sure what to expect. I've been delightfully surprised by the lovely people here! Yeh, sure, we're not all to each others' taste, but I've found a very ample number of males in my general area and filling my specifications. Met quite a lot, liked several, had satisfying encounters with a few, am continuing in friendship with them as well as having the occasional encounter. And the magazine... well, the magazine! The advice section is totally addictive, an adult-themed Dear Abby that is amusing to read and wonderful fun to participate in. I can't say I've met Mr. Perfect as I didn't come on here looking for him, but I'm having a whale of a good time with various Messrs. You'll-Do-For-Now. I've basically learnt that it's okay to just exchange a greeting, or even just have one encounter with a man, enjoy it but not wish for a repeat, and it's okay to SAY SO! I am allowed to express my opinion without fear of comeback! That sort of confidence comes hard to some women... so thanks for that

Gold membership gives Man Top Dating Experience!

On 7/11/2016 eater said:

I orderd gold membership with AFF and went searching. I found a hot lady within 20 miles on my search engine. I sent her a message. Well after a few times back and forth we realized that she lived 1 mile from my house. Well we were both chatting one night looking at needs. We had to be discreet. She come to my house while my wife was sleeping. We went to the Garage. She started to play with me and I was loving it. Then she took my cock in her mouth and made love to it in her mouth. After I ate her she showed me things I would loved and missed so much. The noise was getting loud and we were in the fun of getting busy. Well she ended up rocking me and she could barely walk. We were both so satisfied but we had the need for more. So now she will sneak to my house or I will sneak to hers and we have many late night rondevous. Each time gets better and better.

Cheating Girl wants to fool around Online!

On 7/29/2019 florida said:

Bambiswim59 and I met about 4 months ago on AFF. I was browsing around the site seeing who was here and who i would like to maybe fool around with. Meenwhile my boyfriend at the time had no idea that I even had the membership and that I was planning on cheating on him (we were together for 4 years). Then I saw bambiswim59, and he was just so goodlooking that I had to check him out. He was perfect. I wrote him an email and waited if he wrote back then we would start maybe getting to know each other better. Well needless to say he wrote back and we just got along great. He gave me his number but at first I was afraid to call, but then I realized that I wasnt loved anymore at home and he actually cared about me. So I call and we talk for about 10 mins or so. I knew after that that this was one guy i had to do a f2f with. Wse are now dating and in person or over the phone the sex is great and we are now planning to get married in a couple years. We love each other and we cant wait to set up a couples account!!

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