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Finding a Single Female Comfortable with Threesome!

On 11/16/2021 baub said:

My husband and I have been toying with the idea of adding a third party to our relationship for several years now. We joined up with another site and all we got was one response and this person just wanted to play games with us. We found a member on your site that intrigued both of us and we began chatting back and forth several months ago. Two weeks ago we finally met her. She was fantastic. We met in a local club for drinks. The moment she walked through the door we were amazed. She was not only beautiful on the outside, but she was very confident and made us feel like we had known each other for a long time. She made us smile and laugh. She made us feel things for her and for each other that I never knew I could feel. We decided to take it further and we are all very happy that we did. Without AFF we would have never met her and our lives would still be yearning for someone like her. We are still in contact with her- almost on a daily basis, but the most important thing is that my husband and I have a renewed love and respect for each other. Again, Thank you AFF...

How to Get Laid with Adult Dating Sites!

On 7/21/2022 jenny said:

I have been a member for several months. when I first saw the site I was really excited about all the people looking for sex. Well after writing many emails and recieving little or no responce it is easy to get discoraged. I have learned that if you are patient and take the time to introduce yourself to people viewing your profile, meaning a discription, list of interests, besides sex, occupation, pets or whatever you would like to know about someone you want to have sex with. Don't brag about how good you are but show an interest in them as people other than a body. I have met a few people and one couple that are the nicest people I have met in my life. and very sexy as a bonus. I have opened a new profile with my lady friend and cannot believe the response from single men. So guys take the time and effort with what you say to people, be patient, send more pictures of your whole body and you should enjoy success. If you offer to meet people with no expectations you will have less dissapointments. Thanks and good luck.

Dating Chat Room gives a Woman First Time Experiences!

On 1/23/2005 blue said:

Since joining AFF back in May 2004, I have met a lot of great people. I was really impressed with the attention and acceptance I initially recieved here. I went out on lots of dates and had some wonderful hot times with some very sexy men. One in particular introduced himself to me the first day I started chatting. He found me in the BBW room, struck up a conversation and suggested that from where I live, I should try the Norcal Room. After I did, he followed me there. I saw his profile and noticed he didn't live that far from me. We talked more and I became more comfortable with his gentle nature. We went to a meet and greet in Sacramento, and have been together ever since. We have experienced alot of firsts together, which has brought us closer and our bond stronger. Example of firsts, my first strip bar experience, our first time with another couple, my first female kiss, attending swinger events, etc. Now meeting on AFF, we agreed that we're here to see different kinds of people as we wish, as we were both recently single and were not looking to get attached again. Its been 6 months now and we are very much in love. We also dont want to hold eachother back from having fun with our new found freedom. With this in mind, we have found that swinging gives us that option, to play with others and still have eachother there to see eachother's enjoyment. Its awesome. In the time we have been together, we have become more and more uninhibited. Also we have become more aggressive and outspoken. This guy is perfect for me, thank you so much AFF. Thats not even it. I'm in the chatroom everyday as I have become more and more comfortable with the people there. I've met lots of them at meet and greets and parties, and have found that these are great people with interests like mine. I feel a great sense of acceptance, which allows me to be more and more of myself. I wanted to meet mature people who want to really date and really open up sexually. I feel I found it here. With that in mind I have surprised myself with the things I've always wanted to try, and I just surprise myself more and more as time goes by. My bf is the same way, I'm bringing him along my journey and he is discovering new and exciting things too-thanks to me. Needless to say I have had some awesome experiences, and I feel its only the beginning. Thanks AFF.

Cuckold Couple finds a third!

On 7/21/2022 mich said:

Me and my husband met a young man on this site who was on with his wife. Now she did not want to play but he did. My husband met him first at a down town bar and called me immediately to let me know that they were coming back to let me meet him. When I saw this tall fine ass man standing in my living room I said to my self "YES". We had a general conversation and they were ready to get naked and do the damn thing but I was too nervous but me and this cutie pie tounged kissed and my pussy became soaked. That week end We invited him back for what would be the first of Two fuck fest with him. When I came out of my bedroom my hubby and our new friend were in towels and I had a robe on. He pulled off his towel and DAMN! The biggest Dick I had ever seen was inches away from my face. I laid down between the two of them on our den floor and let em have at it. THAT SHIT WAS THE BOMB! Now my husband is an awesome lover in his own right but this stud put this 10 inch fat black dick in my hot tight pussy and streched it OUUUUUUUT. He and my husband fucked me like I stole something. Then they both gave me a Cum bath. 3 weeks later I told my husband to call him back over and He came back and my husband just let me and him go at it while my husband watched and stroked his self off. This stud had a fat thick dick and my husband had the length but not quite the gerth or width and let this young gun beat my pussy up while I moaneda, screameed and yelled in pure pleasure. The neighbors may have heard me. Any way that was the last time we did it and that was back in august. I love my husband and it was quite and expierence to be with two men at once. Thanks to AFF>> HOLYWOOD ;)

Sharing another Woman with your Boyfriend!

On 3/21/2023 hott said:

My boyfreind and I have been talking about sharing a woman for quite sometime. I have been involved in the lifestyle for many years, but finding a possible girl is always difficult. After advertising on AFF, we met our first couple. They had no picture and we didn't know much about them, but it turned out that we had everything in common. We shared the same goth style. The man and I shared the same interests as did the female with my man. It's comfortable enough that the couples borrow the girls back and forth as well as having the freedom to have encounters at our discretion. We've met a number of other people, but don't have the same perfection...we're actually considering being monogamous with the other couple!! We're swingers because we love that freedom, but the four of us clicked so well....Oddly enough, I've even run into old friends that I haven't seen in many years through them!

Female finds more than Great Sex with Online Dating!

On 7/13/2021 header said:

Well let me start of by saying Niether one of us was looking for anything more then a one time thing. We weren't looking for commitment, we weren't looking for a soul-mate, life-partner, or whatever else you want to discribe it. We weren't looking to fall in love that's for sure! But isn't that the way it always is? When you're not looking for it it hits you smack in the face! I had seen his picture (nice face shot!) on his profile and kept going back to it for about 2 weeks. I was nervous and hadn't really contacted anyone before. Well finally I thought, What the hell?, and wrote him. Told him exactly what I was looking for, a good, one time deal, no strings, great sex etc..... Well after a couple of days he wrote back. He was on vacation and apologised for not getting back to me sooner! Well we just started chatting online for a couple of weeks while he was away and found we really enjoyed talking to eachother. I found I looked forward to his emails/chat seesions! One night when he finally got back we were chatting and it was getting pretty hot! He came and picked me up. Being with him felt so natural and right. Yes it was supposed to be just sex but I could tell that with our talking and getting to know eachother that it felt like it was going to be more. Needless to say we both wanted to keep seeing eachother after that first night and 8 months later we were married! Did we expect to find the person we wanted to marry here on AFF? NO! Definatly not! But we did! So weather you're looking for a one night thing, a friend w/ benefits, or a serious relationship, you never know! What/who you're looking for might just be here!

Finding a SWM to please my Wife!

On 7/11/2006 male said:

We met a nice swm from here. we meet for drinks and dancing. we hit it off right away. we decided to go back to his house where we had more drinks .eventually he was sitting with my wife and holding and kissing her. she was so relaxed in his skillful hands. he took his time until they were completely naked. where he licked her fom head to toe. eventually he got on top of her and started fucking he slowly at first, he had a very nice cock long and thick. the sight of him penetrating my wife's shaved pussy was more than i could take so i got undressed and started masturbating, when he noticed he called me over then pulled out and told me to go first. which i did. she was so wet and hot. while i fucked her he licked and sucked her pussy and tits. soon i blew my load deep in her. i pulled out he quickly knelt between her legs and licked her clean then got on top and fucked her hard and deep. he made her cum several times before he blew his load in her. it was a great night and we are lookig for many more like it.

Creating an Online Dating Group of Friends in Westchester!

On 7/29/2019 funtimes said:

My wife (allintheeyes49) and I (sensualfriend4us) joined AFF towards the tail end of this past summer (2004) in the hopes of meeting new friends, and perhaps finding some adventure along the way as we began our own personal quest to explore our sexuality as a couple. Shortly after joining AFF and getting the gist of how the site worked, and understanding its various benefits, we decided to form a group of our own to help in our journey to find like minded friends. The group, Westchester NY Exchange was founded in September of this year (2004) with high hopes, and we have not been dissappointed. In a short span of about three months, we have grown from just the two of us as members to a group of over 200 people. Additionally, with the help of some really great (an active members) we held our first meet and greet at a nice place in White Plains in November, and will be holding our second group event the week before Christmas. Additionally, we are proud of the fact that our group seems geographically to provide people in three states (New York, New Jersey, and Ct.) with a well maintained safe group in which to connect with other like minded people here on AFF. Watching friendships blossom, finding out that most of us in the group are just normal every day folks has really helped my wife and I grow as individuals, and as a couple. AFF and this group have helped us develop a whole new circle of friends that we have dinners with, talk on the phone with, and look forward to spending time with. I know that others in our group have found much the same treasures as we have, and it all happened because AFF provides a forum and a place for those of us with alternative views and lifestyles.

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