Cheating Wife!

Sex Starved Housewife turns into Cheating Wife!

On 10/21/2005 betty said:

I have been on aff for about like 10 months now an i thought i wanted just sex to this site but then i met a sweet guy from here..even tho im married i found a guy that can take my mind off of the dreaded stuff that i have to deal with at home.. an that guy since i met him ive been only interested in him and him alone. i dont like to play with anyone else but he informed of wanting to play as a couple now.. so i agreed.. and we're still together still now..i wood do anything for this this site has helped me cuz if i didnt try out your site, i wood have never met him, i thank you aff...

Hot Date turned into night of Sex!

On 7/21/2006 char said:

I had gone on a date with someone from the site. The night started off fairly simple with a cup of coffee and conversation. He had turned to me and said" your lips look very kissable". I had asked him if he wanted to kiss me, and he did so with a very sweet kiss. The kiss was very enjoyable, we had spent the most of the night kissing after that. We both looked at each other with a sense of knowing what the other had wanted. He had undid the front of my pants and started to lick my clit. His tongue was so soft against my skin I thought for certain I was going to cum right then and there, but he had worked his tongue up and down my pussy , making sure he tasted every bit of me until I had cum. After he had gotten me off I in had returned the favor with simple tease of a blow job. After awhile of sucking and stroking his cock, he had looked at me and asked if he could "fuck me"? I had told him "yes" as long as he had a condom. And of course he did, he slipped the condom on and slid his rock hard cock into me very slowly, my pussy was so wet. He had lifted my legs up and over his neck and enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed him until we both cam together. That was the best sex I have had in a long time.

Finding Hot Ladies = Cybersex!

On 1/23/2005 trojanf36 said:

I travel a lot for my co. So i allways take my pc with wireless so i can keep in touch with employees besides the cell phone and i like to see who's on line on aff when i'm sitting around after work. Well it works good!!! iv hooked up with some hot ladies in several of the towns iv been in, so no more off to the bar to chase skirts. It's online for me, no waisted time and effort; each party knows what they want!!! So the cybersexxx is good but the real hook up is even better totally happy with aff!!!trojanf36.

Sex on the First Date!

On 7/21/2006 florida said:

I met "JP" online and talked to him for a few days. He was in town and we decided to get together. I found a babysitter and met him at his hotel.To be honest it was a little weird at first. we talked about what was on the tv and his work and my school life.I started to take off my clothes a little at a time. first starting with my sweatshirt. I had on this really hot corsett top and I have big tits so that eased things up. we each took turns taking off clothes till I was down to my red bra and pantie set. he had his brifes on. he sat close to me and started to rub on my body so I fondled him for a little bit before I started giving him head. he loved the fact that I deep throted and sucked on his balls.his dick was thick and I liked it alot. apparently I gave great head because he rolled me on to my back and started to lick my clit. IT FELT SOOOOOOO GOOD! I was a little to tight for him at first so he had to take his time or else he would cum to quick. he was on top first but before he came he went down on me again. so got on top of him when it became to much to handle but again im tight so we changed positions to doggie. he stared slow because he didnt want to cum to fast. he started to go in deep and hard .thats the way I like it so I never complained. I asked him to go harder and faster so he did. IT was a success! he came fast and hard. I was a good fuck and he was left wanting more. but because of a phone call we had to cut it a round or two shorter than planned. But it was fun and I would do it again. Thanks AFF. Header0...

Finding a Single Female for a Threesome!

On 7/21/2006 up said:

My wife and I had discussed FFM threesomes even before we got married. We've been AFF members for about two years now, and have had our share of successes...we're quite picky on who we'll bring into our bedromm, as we like to make friends with the woman as well. AFF lets us meet people at our pace, as after we've been with someone for awhile, and they/we move on, we tend to take a break and not take another lover for awhile. We usually remain standard members until we feel the urge to "have some fun," then we upgrade our membership, and normally within a week or two have met a few good prospects. Even when we let ourmembership go back to standard status, we check in every two weeks or so to read articles, or just see what we may be missing. Not complaining really, it's just getting a little harder to find a partner interested in a FFM threesome. Nevertheless, we're currently talking to a really nice woman who we ran across in one of the AFF chat rooms, and things are heating up! We'll always be loyal to AFF!!...

My One Night Stand!

On 7/13/2006 semi said:

Well, mine was about a year or so ago when I lived down in Georgia. I'd met a girl, and we chatted for about a month or two. She sent me her pic...absolutely beautiful. I didn't have a picture at the time, but she went with it anyways. We made plans to meet at a hotel by the mini bar, and did just that. She brought her hubby along to watch and videotape, but it was still an awsome time. We ordered drinks and talked for a couple hours...then we went in the jacuzzi where it got a little hott! So, we decided to go to the room...where we had more drinks. Then we got hott and heavy...we were all over each other like flys on shit. That's when I got to have a girl use a dildo on me for the first time, and it was great. We all slept together, and I left early the next morning. Never heard from her again...nothing like a one night stand...

Meeting a Sex Partner - MFF!

On 7/11/2006 switch said:

I met blueberry1987 thru mutual friends on AFF. I ended up looking at her profile, and meeting her. We have had the most amazing sex from the very first day. Blueberry1987 and I have since moved in together, and share an active lifestyle, engaging in both MFF threesomes and swinging. I hope everyone finds the success we share!!...

MFM Threesome with Couple!

On 7/29/2006 socc said:

I had originally joined AFF to find local couples who were searching for a threesome partner. I had enjoyed a number of threesomes, usually with a girl friend I have had an on-again off-again relationship and another guy. I have always felt comfortable with other guys in the bedroom with me. Well, I was having fun e-mailing and sharing pics with several couples around the Texas area. I tried hard to hook up but it never seemed to work out. Someone, the husband or the wife got cold feet. This lasted for about a year. A couple from Houston was quite different. They were very open and asked lots of questions. It was fun just sharing erotic e-mails with them, but we had also exchanged mobile numbers. Well, on Friday, December 17th, I get a call that I didn't recognize. It happened to be the couple from Houston. They were in San Antonio on a weekend getaway and thought they would take a chance and call me. Well, I was shocked and overwhelmed with the call. They told me their room number downtown at the Mariott and that if I wanted to meet face to face, they would be happy to meet me for a drink. Well, I debated the evening for several hours and figured, this is why I joined AFF anyway, not ever really imagining that I would hook up with someone online. About 9:00 pm I drove downtown and parked and walked into the Marriott hotel. I took the elevator up to their room and knocked on the door. I was very pleased when she opened the door wearing one of those see-thru things with thong panties on. She was gorgeous in person. Stacey smiled and said she knew I was going to come by. Mark came up and shock my hand and insisted I come in. We sat and talked for about 45 minutes, they had a bottle of bourbon and had a six-pack of Coke. We enjoyed some small talk. I sat on one of the chairs in the room and she came over to me and stood right behind me. She put her hands on my shoulders as Mark asked about my job and hobbies. She started to rub my shoulders and down my chest. She unbuttoned my shirt and reached down and kissed my neck. It was an incredible start to an incredible evening. Needless to say, we had a terrific time. It was more than I hoped for and we have seen each other every weekend since. I have opened my home to them and they invite me down every other weekend. It's a great way to meet the right couple and fortunately, I didn't get frustrated and leave the site too soon. My advice to anyone out there who has experienced the same thing is to be patient. Things will come to those who wait!...

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