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Bi Woman Finds Another Woman to Play With!

On 11/16/2022 sexkity said:

Hi there, I have been search for two long months on AFF for a Bi or Les single woman, with no luck... when finally a woman emailed me & she wanted to meet. I was shocked and really didn't believe that she would show up. Well she did... and let me tell you it was the best experience I ever had. We met and we were both a little nervous, but that didn't last very long. We got a room and upon arriving inside, we both had our clothes off an were down to business... I got out my toys and she got out hers and man let me tell you - it was all well worth the wait... it was the best orgasm I have ever experienced in my life and she knew what to do to make it that way. She sucked my clit & twirled her toungue all over my pussy & fucked my pussy with a vibrator and touched my asshole and it was wonderful... I couldn't stop cumming... and she never stopped eating my pussy. She sucked it dry and started to do it all over again. Well, finally it was my turn to return the favor to her... when i got on top of her and kissed her and sucked her titties and kissed her belly and when I spread her legs apart, let me tell you she was so wet and dripping everywhere... I couldn't wait to eat her pussy... It was my first time, so I was scared I would hurt her, but she said she would let me know if I did, so I commenced to licking her wet pussy and sucking her clit and making her pussy even wetter... I fucked her pussy with my toungue and used her toys on her pussy and finally I shoved my thumb up her asshole and she went through the roof with pure excitement... it was so awesome for both of us... She then started eating my pussy again.. man it was so great to feel her moist breath and warm lips on my pussy and all over my click licking it and sucking it and fingering my pussy, and touching my asshole and using my double dildo on me, I was so horny I almost exploded... Well it was the greatest experience ever for me and I wanted to share it with you all....

Started by Looking For Hot Sex!

On 7/21/2021 sensible said:

Just wanted to write and tell you that I found the man I have been looking for. I started off joining this site looking for hot sex and found 4 willing men to satisfy me. But then I met another special man. We met in the British Columbia chat room 3 months ago. We met at a near by restaurant and have been together ever since. I am looking forward to a wonderful life together and bright outlook to the future we can share together. Thank you AFF.... if it wasnt for your site I probably would never have met the man of my dreams. I am happy I am a member and wish everyone good luck in whatever it is they seek is possible to find someone here ... I Did and I am so very much in love ... it is so awesome and unbelieveable to be this happy ... but I truly am.

Dating: How I met Busty Blonde in Chat!

On 1/23/2005 plat said:

I had seen bustyblonde in chat before...always with a crowd seeking her attention and could never get a word in. One night I was browsing in chat and came across her to say Hello. We quickly went into private chat and explained that she was really horny as her plans for the day had fallen through and was really eager to meet. I couldn't believe my luck!! Despite having work that morning, I quickly followed her directions to her apartment and was greeted by her luscious curvy 21 year old ample body built for sex!! 5-5, 38DDD, curly blonde hair and blue eyes...freshly shaved pussy and a mouth made for sucking cock!! She explained we didn't have much time to enjoy foreplay and wanted to suck my cock now, so we quickly removed our clothes and she went to work on my now swollen 7 1/2 inches...smiling as her cheeks sucked in and out while I moaned in delight. I didn't want to cum too quickly and before long had to remove my tool from her mouth much to her dismay and she suggested I cum on her tits. "What a wonderful idea!" I thought and straddled her hard shaft fitting snugly between her massive tits as she pushed them together...licking the head of my cock as it pushed toward her chin. The sight of this was too much to bear for long as I groaned loudly and started to cum in long streams between her tits before she reached out to suck the remaining cum from my swollen cock. "How's that for hello?" she said as she rubbed my cock around her lips. "Fantastic!" I replied as I quickly caught my cock hardening once more at her tongue's teasings. "And it's going to get better soon, I'm sure!" I winked at her. "I hope so, "she replied. "I've been needing a good fucking for a while now and you've got just the cock my pussy needs!" I knew then I was going to be a while longer than I thought...and if I was lucky...more than just this one time too!! But that's more for later--pt 2 to

I Just Want Sex for FUN!

On 7/29/2022 suzziq said:

I just want to congradulate the men that have fucked me from AFF. They all have had big dicks; they all have been very gentlemanly towards me; they all knew my G-spot; they all are men that look like anybody else on the street. My pussy/ass are very happy to date. I have gone from one to the other simply becuase I am in search of like minded men who want sex for fun. Nothing more, nothing less. I have met men who know me without even meeting me. I can do this for a long time. Thanx, AFF, I am having fun finally.

Dating Fun and Sex!

On 3/21/2023 switch said:

It looks like it has been a while since anyone added a success story. Well, let me tell you....I put my add in almost 2 years ago. I have met some wonderful people both locally and from halfway across the country! (Kisses to zz!) The most important person is the love of my life. We recently celebrated our 18 month anniversary! I have found someone who makes me feel complete and is there for me whenever. We had only been seeing each other for a short time when it was discovered that my son had a brain tumor. Most people would have run for the hills! This man stuck by me and mine and has been there ever since....through good and bad. Cougar2250 is a wonderful man and I am so glad I answered his email so long ago. Who could have forseen how happy we are now. Neither of us expected what we have in everything. Thank you AFF for being there and being an avenue for all those looking for something, whether if be just for fun and sex like my previous encounters, (what we thought we were getting) or another half to make one whole!

Simple Date turns into Fiery Passion!!

On 2/13/2021 shan said:

Well let me start of by saying Niether one of us was looking for anything more then a one time thing. We weren't looking for commitment, we weren't looking for a soul-mate, life-partner, or whatever else you want to discribe it. We weren't looking to fall in love that's for sure! But isn't that the way it always is? When you're not looking for it it hits you smack in the face! I had seen his picture (nice face shot!) on his profile and kept going back to it for about 2 weeks. I was nervous and hadn't really contacted anyone before. Well finally I thought, What the hell?, and wrote him. Told him exactly what I was looking for, a good, one time deal, no strings, great sex etc..... Well after a couple of days he wrote back. He was on vacation and apologised for not getting back to me sooner! Well we just started chatting online for a couple of weeks while he was away and found we really enjoyed talking to eachother. I found I looked forward to his emails/chat seesions! One night when he finally got back we were chatting and it was getting pretty hot! He came and picked me up. Being with him felt so natural and right. Yes it was supposed to be just sex but I could tell that with our talking and getting to know eachother that it felt like it was going to be more. Needless to say we both wanted to keep seeing eachother after that first night and 8 months later we were married! Did we expect to find the person we wanted to marry here on AFF? NO! Definatly not! But we did! So weather you're looking for a one night thing, a friend w/ benefits, or a serious relationship, you never know! What/who you're looking for might just be here!

Finding a SWM to please my Wife!

On 7/11/2006 male said:

Another Dinner date..that's all it was supposed to be..a night of fun, laughter and good company..But 5 mins after meeting this incredible man (Travelbored1)..Lust struck..We were both instantly moved by the incredible feelings we were experiencing..He's an amazing man and i'm sooo excited..we can't wait to be together for another night of hot passion..Thank you Adult FriendFinder..

Thanks to all the Guys I Fucked Along the Way!!

On 7/29/2019 semi said:

I got a message one day, just another guy, just another date. This is a sex site another guy that wants to get to no my body, I was wrong so very wrong. We exchanged messages then msn addresses. We chated on line for a while then on the telephone, the spark was there I was chatting to other guys but had him in the back of my mind, he didnt take to being 2nd best, so he ignored me. He was on my mind, but he wasnt talking to me. I texted him and told him i was going to be at a certain place at a certain time, (I didnt like being ignored) I went to the meeting place and there he was. I never believed in love at first site in being hit by cupids arrow, but both happened to me that day. We are so very happy together. So very in love (he puts the spark in sparkie). I'd like to thank all those who sent me messages, and a big kiss to all those i fucked along the way and most of all id like to thank the staff of Adult FriendFinder for providing the meeting place for me and my man. All the best to those who use Adult FriendFinder hope you all find what you are looking for.

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